Saturday, June 26, 2010


Mama Wren wove her nest deep in our rafters,
we could only hear the chirps when her fledglings were hungry!
We watched as she worked day after day with the same perseverance as
our mama Robin did a few weeks ago.
Then the time came that they were strong enough to fly
and we were privileged to witness that beautyThis little flyer landed on my lap!
and then into Megs handsLittle sister's handsoh yes, as well as my head!! We then watched Mama Wren coach her to the edge of our backyard
then to the treeeees!! See her in the center?
It was precious, really, can I watch this scene everyday pleeeease!


Phyllis said...

Oh,how precious!

Shona Leah said...

It soooo was!
eeeeee I'm still beaming about the whole experience :o)

Vanessa said...

how lovely!
they feel safe with you lovely ladies :)

Tara said...

Welcome to the world sweet wren. That tuft of down on top her little head is so adorable.

She was blessed to have you all as her welcoming committee - soft landings and safe travels!

Dawn said...

How great is that!!
Now you won't be doin' that in school!
Wonderful shots to capture the moments!

denise said...


Bona Fide Mama said...

just simply breath taking.