Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm feeling Back on Tract :o)

My attempt at kidney humor,
laughing does make me heal faster, even just a giggle :o)
It's taken me all week to gain just a little of my energy back. I may not have mentioned, I'll back up (b/c really i thought it wouldn't be such a long ordeal) I woke up around 2am last Saturday morning in excruciating pain..oh yeah...I was puking from being in that kind of pain and I could barely stand on my own. That elusive kidney stone I had a few months back..the one stone that had found a cozy little spot back in my right kidney after causing me so much pain had now decided to make it's way down again! Emergency room kind of pain. The CTscan showed a 6.3mm stone headed for my bladder, which would not be sooo bad if I hadn't had a double kidney infection only a few months ago and signs of infection again. They gave me painkillers, thank-you to them for that and you'll know why if I said anything strang (er) than usual on your streams teehee :o) Soo Monday morning I was in surgery, I was home in a few hours and I feel like I've been zapped of all energy for a whole week. blah And you do know how next to impossible it is to be sick with four curious children right ? :o)
I did get outside this morning with Maya for a little gardening,
our 1st tomato this yr mmm

we found this baby Maple growing in one of my pots..

What tree is this? here's a sign..

I was out of breath just pressing the shutter for this shot

something so simple, something I love to do
not taken for granted

we did transplant the little tree after she got a great look at the roots
and the seed from which it emerged
so we'll keep our fingers crossed
Maples are always welcome in our yard

Maple tree talk led to Maple syrup talk like the kind we had on our french toast
which led of course to a chapter of "Little House in the Big Woods"

and some back porch painting

Maya painted Laura's little house in the Big Woodsshe included details from the story,
like the little and big cat door from the joke that Pa told his girls
and Jack, the bulldog
it was a good day :o)
and it ended on a sweet note
nobake chocolate oatmeal cookies

and now..good night zzzzzzz


Tara said...

Oh sweetie, I know of the pain with which you speak - I've had four bouts with kidney stones and I would rather deliver a baby than have that screaming pain!!

Glad they found the little bugger that was hiding and glad you're feeling better.

Your photos are beautiful - especially your painter girl :0)

P.S. My doc told me to drink lots of lemonade, water with fresh lemon juice, etc. to deter the formation of more stones.

Anet said...

This sounds awful! I sure hope you'll be feeling better soon.
Take care!

denise said...

Oh no! That is horrible. You sound a whole lot of busy still with no energy. ;) Hope you feel better super fast.

Vanessa said...

i really hope you feel better soon, you poor darling.

look at everything you accomplish, even with all that discomfort! you are one brave mamma.


Shona Leah said...

Thank-you sweeties, I am feeling a lot better xoxo

Dawn said...

Oh, Shona... Don't know how I missed this... Been so out of the loop lately!
Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sorry you had to deal with that all over again!
Beautiful pics from your day! Always love to see Maya painting outside! So fun!

Shona Leah said...

Hi sweetness!! thank-you, I'm a lot better now, that stone has plagued me for a year I'm convinced and I think I'll have more energy now. I dreamed of her log cabin later that night, it was trippy. :D