Saturday, June 5, 2010

Me ~week 4

My babes and I went to our favorite park today,
where we saw the sweetest newborn ducklings eeee! photos soon to come..
and while they were knee deep in the stream I was chasing my timer :D

I've been asked a couple of times to give an sp tutorial :D how fun is that!
so for these shots, I placed my water bottle in the exact spot
(which was a little patch of flowers for my hair :)
where I knew my eyes needed to be in order to line up in focus with my lens

I then pressed the shutter to focus, then again for the timer,

then I dashed to the grass while trying not flash onlookers :o)

A favorite little tip of mine I use to relax clients:

only look directly into the camera at the very last second,

it works for my sp's too

Now go have fun with your sp self! xo


Tara said...

Beautiful sp's as always and interesting composition too!!

Love the tip about looking at the camera at the last minute :0)

kellyi said...

I love the shot of you laughing - you look stunning!

I am attempting my next SP tomorrow so will take your advice and run with it. I'll post the results tomorrow night...eek.

mandy said...

gorgeous photos!

Shona Leah said...

thank-you sweeties!

kellyi, yay!! i can't wait to see!

Dawn said...

Hey beautiful Mama! So fun you did these at the park!
I am not going to be taking an SP's anytime soon but I will remember you tips for someday! :)