Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Breathe & Be in Nature Together

One of the first warm day's of spring and we took full advantage! We packed our lunch and made our way to one of our favorite nature spots. I packed our nature journals and usually as soon as I begin to sketch they are right there asking for their own, but today they were too busy running and laughing with eachother.
and playing in the mud..which they pretended was quick sand We weren't the only one's basking in the you see him?
Kobe found this leaf floating in the creek with eggs Kyle found a beautiful treasure in the creek too...a tiny spiral galaxy in his precious hand
Maya is a self-proclaimed "nature habitat girl" and brought the net in search of aquatic life.
She found numerous pond skimmers like dragon flies. One of her 1st questions when we find any animal is, "What does it eat?" I say she's a "nature nurturer".
The creek was filled with cool running water, so refreshing.
We were all content to find a place to sit,
listen to and feel the water, breathe and just....BE
I feel so lucky this is part of my reality,
that I am able to spend an entire day hiking trails & exploring a creek bed.
I'm able to connect with nature and with my children.
A beautiful way to nurture our soul.
And guess what, we did it again the very next day!
I love that she still wears pigtails and is still interested to find a caterpillar..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coin Collector

My Kobe is a collector, he pays close attention to detail and loves to classify things. You should see his top drawer, he collects all kinds of things, some I just wonder...why? His great grandfather, long time coin collector, introduced this passion to Kobe and it fits him nicely.
He uses his magnifying glass to find details like the date and state of each coin.

I thought he might like to study his coins on a deeper level, so we put together a folder with blank paper for him to record interesting facts. He used an atlas, globe and a map as resources.

Little brother was interested in big brother's project, he stayed close by listening and learning...and contributed in his favorite counting.

It's rewarding for me to know my children have the freedom to pursue their interests in a meaningful way. And ofcourse it has me paying closer attention to my change in hopes of adding to his collection!