Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Sweet Evening Stroll w/new additional comments by Megan

Meg likes to stroll the back line of our fence which is covered in honeysuckle in the eveningsI thought she looked especially pretty tonight matching the golden flowers

Her glance reminds me that she's growing up and needs time alone with her thoughts...

so I snap a few and try not to intrude for very long

She showed me how she extracts the nectar

Honeysuckle in the evening, so sweet

****Here is an addition to this post, a note from Megan, written for the Blog...

Small orange and yellow honey suckles decorate my fence. I love the sweet taste and smell of the nectar. I enjoy walking the fence line waching the honey suckles glow in the evening light. My time alone with nature is peaceful and it makes me happy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Strawberry Patch

We Gathered..and talked with friends..Kyle super excited to find this huge strawberry! These are organic, go ahead and taste!There is something more than food to be gained from gathering...a satisfying feeling for more than our bellies...
there is time to run and feel your toes in the breeze
To watch a turtle on his way to pick strawberries too I'm watching my oldest grow more beautiful by the day...
Ofcourse there's time for mud play near the pond too!

Kyle exploring the muddy bank..
and proud of his contributionThis day's harvest..will be turned into smoothies and strawberry shortcakes as soon as we're home!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ink Blot Art

This is one of our simplest art projects, but always lots of fun! The materials needed are paper, paint in a bottle (for making dots), a pencil and your imagination.
(This is Maya's inkblot fly)

Fold the piece of paper down the middle,

then open the paper & place a few dots of paint along the center fold.

Close the paper again so that the paint will spread.

Open the paper & you will have your very own symmetrical ink blot design!

Next, use your imagination by adding to the design with pencil.

The human mind is wired to see pattern for survival. It's interesting how different people see different things
...but we all seek pattern.

This is Kobe's Alligator..
A Moose..

Give it a try & find your own patterns!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Library Day, much more than Books

Explore some books..

Explore the Courtyard...
"Kyle, come on, let's not jump in the fountain today"
Time with homeschool friends...
My little Nature Nurturer has her back turned inspecting a leaf she found in the fountain.
She told me it was so beautiful shiny!

Then there was some theatre ...
Alibaba and the 40 thieves..
the performing arts teach verbal & non-verbal communication as well as teach stories
Acting out..
Back to the courtyard
How many Snails live here!!

Look what Kyle found snug as a bug...

It was a great day with friends and we found a handful of friends too..