Sunday, May 3, 2009

Library Day, much more than Books

Explore some books..

Explore the Courtyard...
"Kyle, come on, let's not jump in the fountain today"
Time with homeschool friends...
My little Nature Nurturer has her back turned inspecting a leaf she found in the fountain.
She told me it was so beautiful shiny!

Then there was some theatre ...
Alibaba and the 40 thieves..
the performing arts teach verbal & non-verbal communication as well as teach stories
Acting out..
Back to the courtyard
How many Snails live here!!

Look what Kyle found snug as a bug...

It was a great day with friends and we found a handful of friends too..


Anet said...

Your library is wonderful! Everything a person could want.
Gosh those snails are so sweet:)

Dawn said...

I want to come to library day with you guys!! I know two little ones who would love to join in the reading and fun!
Our library is seriously lacking :(
Of course... we Love. Love. Those snails!

Lisa said...

Oh the snails are so cute, as well as all the little blondies!

Tara said...

That is a ridiculous amount of snails... my boy would be squealing with delight to see so many :0)

Glad you're blessed with a great library... ours here is just okay.

Victoria said...

What a wonderful day you had! And your library is just superb!

Shona said...

How we do love this library! It's such a joyful experience, thank-you all for stopping by to say hi!

(little blondies! hehe! I debate sometimes calling this blog
"Adventures in Towhead Land"

~Towhead means blonde btw

dongdong said...

what a nice library. I would love to see Alibaba- that's one of my favorite stories. Those snails are great too... fabulous!

Shona said...

thank-you so much!