Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ink Blot Art

This is one of our simplest art projects, but always lots of fun! The materials needed are paper, paint in a bottle (for making dots), a pencil and your imagination.
(This is Maya's inkblot fly)

Fold the piece of paper down the middle,

then open the paper & place a few dots of paint along the center fold.

Close the paper again so that the paint will spread.

Open the paper & you will have your very own symmetrical ink blot design!

Next, use your imagination by adding to the design with pencil.

The human mind is wired to see pattern for survival. It's interesting how different people see different things
...but we all seek pattern.

This is Kobe's Alligator..
A Moose..

Give it a try & find your own patterns!


Stephanie said...

We'll definitely try this!
Maybe tomorrow.

Victoria said...

What a super cool idea! It totally gets their imagination going. I will have to remember this one for when my babe is a bit older :)

Anet said...

This is a wonderful open-ended activity. Great for the imagination:)

Dawn said...

Fun. Fun! You guys are always doing cool stuff!
We have to tried it yet but we will soon...

Dawn said...

Oh... and loving the Towdead Adventures addition!!

Shona said...

do you like it?! Yay! I was starting to think the creative curiosity title was a bit too serious sounding for us sillies :D I named 4 kids (gave them 2 names actually haha) but naming a blog, now thats hard. Kindof like every fall I decide I'd rather be brunette and then spring rolls around and I'm a blondie towhead again!
good thing my domain url is my name, cause I'll most likely change blog title again just to keep ya'll on your toes hehe!

Lisa said...

So cool! Did you change your blog name? Something seems a little different......

gina said...

We are going to try this tomorrow- i love art prompts. :)

Shona said...

Fun! Can't wait to see what you all come up with! thanks for stopping by :D