Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Breathe & Be in Nature Together

One of the first warm day's of spring and we took full advantage! We packed our lunch and made our way to one of our favorite nature spots. I packed our nature journals and usually as soon as I begin to sketch they are right there asking for their own, but today they were too busy running and laughing with eachother.
and playing in the mud..which they pretended was quick sand We weren't the only one's basking in the you see him?
Kobe found this leaf floating in the creek with eggs Kyle found a beautiful treasure in the creek too...a tiny spiral galaxy in his precious hand
Maya is a self-proclaimed "nature habitat girl" and brought the net in search of aquatic life.
She found numerous pond skimmers like dragon flies. One of her 1st questions when we find any animal is, "What does it eat?" I say she's a "nature nurturer".
The creek was filled with cool running water, so refreshing.
We were all content to find a place to sit,
listen to and feel the water, breathe and just....BE
I feel so lucky this is part of my reality,
that I am able to spend an entire day hiking trails & exploring a creek bed.
I'm able to connect with nature and with my children.
A beautiful way to nurture our soul.
And guess what, we did it again the very next day!
I love that she still wears pigtails and is still interested to find a caterpillar..


Lisa said...

What fantastic days, these kind of days are my favorite! I love the little critters your little ones found.

Stephanie said...

Frog eggs make it extraordinary, in my book. :)

Erin said...

What an amazingly beautiful day! :) This is exactly the reason I want to unschool. Who would want to be stuck in a classroom when you could learn just as much, if not more.. outside exploring all day instead?!

Shona Leah said...

We took a 3 mile hike (1/2 mile was through water)which took all day, b/c we stopped at every turn finding more and more to investigate!
Kyle especially would yell out, "now this would be a great habitat for a..." then he'd explain what and how. I should go back and label the snake picture, did you see him basking on a rock?? We read that he's a harmless water snake, but is often mistaken for the cottonmouth which is venomous.
Ok, why did I leave out these cool details, I shouldn't post so late from now on hehe!

Erin, I myself have learned so much more in nature's classroom than I ever did in a building for 12 years. I'm so excited for you!!

Anet said...

That is a huge snake!!! Glad he's friendly:)
My son often says to me "Mom, I feel sorry for all the kids in a classroom right now." When we are wandering the woods.
What a great life we have as homeschoolers!

Shona Leah said...

Anet, we talked about that too! I used to be that kid stuck in a classroom always gazing out the window. That water snake spurred conversation about mimicry and camouflage, which we've talked about before, but I could see lights in their eyes as they were making connections, just so exciting! Even when my kids are all grown, I will still be an unschooler :0)

Dawn said...

Love these pics and exploration! Can't wait for our warmer days!
This is exactly what I love about unschooling too!
Thanks for sharing your fantastic days!!

Lori said...

love love love :^)

Amy Bradstreet said...

Oh oh oh oh!! So in-love with this beautiful post. Incredible. I know days like this are just around the corner for us, and this gave me the much-needed preview of spring. Gorgeous, Shona.

Shona Leah said...

Dawn, Lori, Amy, Hi Friends! Thank-you for stopping by!