Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wildlife Biologist

A much loved and always anticipated program at our library is when the wildlife biologist comes to visit with all of his cool friends
like this prarie dog

I forget what this was, related to a scorpion anyway
Milk Snake
mimics the venomous coral snake
"Red touches black, friend of jack..Red touches yellow, kills a fellow"

If he thought she was scared..
she wasn't :o)
she will outweigh and outlive her caretaker
Fennec Fox
his ears help regulate his body temperature
Meg's been telling me she'd love this as a pet
so it was super fun for her to see one in person
sharp teeth and eyes at the front of his head
signs of a carnivore
then we brought some of our own friends
of the human kind back home with us
for lunch and play!
See those markings..this must be Maya's apple :o)
i love her toothy gap


Maggie May said...

the fennec fox is beautiful and with such a lovely name, too

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo with the snake in it - the kids faces in the background - love it!. My kid is at one of those demonstrations today - lucky him!

Tara said...

The fennec fox is stunning and that prairie dog is pretty cute too! How great is your library?!!

Dawn said...

This weekend we had an experience like this at the Museum of Natural History. It was so much fun for the kids...
It was about venomous and poisonous creatures so we did not get to see anything as super adorable as the fennec fox... so sweet!
Those shots of Maya are great!