Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birds of a Feather...

It's been all about the Robin's around here!
They seem to love our yard
and we couldn't be more pleased about that :o)it also seems they are constantly hungrythen a week later, all of that grub started to show
and the nest became too smallwe were there for their first flights!!
And we noticed that both parents coached them to safetyKyle gave this little guy a pet on the head
before he gave his new wings another go and he's off
we watched eachother for a while...
then he flew to the treesthe 3rd of the 4 that took flight
also caught the eye of a neighbors puppy
Maya and Kyle chased it and were proud to bring it home
so as it would be a plaything no longer but the next morning his injuries prevailed...

Proud and beautiful, thank-you for gracing our yard

and our hearts

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