Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

Breakfast at my grandparents
My grandparents and my mama
I've got my sisters with me!
the fun and family didn't end there..
We returned home and were greeted by my in-laws, who already had a fire going and my counter filled with yummy dishes
The proud face of a grandmother,
I couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law

Kobe enjoys his turkey by the fire
then it was time to kick up his feet and relax Meg cuddles with her daddy

Maya and Mama find a cuddly spot too
(photo by Kobe)I hope you had a cozy Thanksgiving


gina said...

What a beautiful view into your family's holiday- it looks so cozy and fun! We had a great day also and have officially kicked off our "holiday season"!

Sherry said...

Beautiful! You have a blessed family. This is exactly how I wish my Thanksgiving was, but alas, I have no family who cares enough to make a 3-hour drive or even invite us down. :(

But the three of us did have a nice day together, and we are very thankful for that. :)

APA said...

Oh, Shona. What warm and beautiful photographs, your sweet touch and love reflected in the wonderful faces of your family...and in yours, dear friend! It makes me happy to know you enjoyed a good Thanksgiving, surrounded by the people you love and who love you, nourishment for body and spirit.

Amazing shine!


Tara said...

Yummy food and your beautiful family around you - what a lovely celebration!

sarah said...

looks like you all had a wonderful time. gosh, megan sure does look like you in the picture of her and mike. xxoo

Dawn said...

Sweet family holiday... what more can you ask for! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family Shona!

Mike said...

Kobe is a little Mike in the making as he tears into his turkey leg like a man :)
**Warning** keep all fingers and toes at least 5 ft away from the chewing area :)
Love Ya,