Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nature Reflection

Me...in one of my favorite places to be

Snake Love

Kyle wades the water as if it were summer again!
and learns quickly the meaning of temperature change
but for now something above has his attention

while Kobe, Meg & Maya explore the creek bed..

Maya's eyes are sharp,
she inspects the crayfish she found hiding under the fallen leaves

isn't he cute :o)

we love this place of discovery and reflection,
I hope you have a special place too


Sherry said...

Yay for special places! :D
Thanks for sharing yours and reminding me to get out and explore more!

APA said...

Oh dear Shona...to see your beautiful person and that of your sweet children is to know a warm ray of sunlight. Moments of reflection are all around for us to enjoy. And to share with you through the gift of your art is time I treasure. XOXO...Ana

Dawn said...

Hey Beautiful Mama!!
Love your creek adventures... this is how we first met afterall :)
Maya's shirt is just too cute. It still have to make that style for Fionna. The butterfly fabric is just waiting for me...
Beautiful pics as always!

Kim Hosey said...

These are all so beautiful. I love the snake love and wading shots!

Kate said...

Beautiful! I especially love the last and first photos. I'm so happy to be able to visit you and your creek kids:)

sarah said...

hi!! nice to see you in a photo. is this the greenway we went to with you a few times now? beautiful fall time!!

Anonymous said...

oh how sweet to see you and your little ones......you look like you had so much fun
love the butterfly on her cheek.