Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kyle's Busy Day

Kyle had a busy day zooming his red truck through the leaves I watched and listened as he played under the silver maple
He found the last cherry blossom on our tree

and a crunchy leaf to inspect

he took time to laze in the sun with Daisy

but he had to catch her first!


Anonymous said...

how do i fave these photos??
consider them all faves.daisy is so frickin cute!!
my kids love hotdog dogs.
your photos with the leaf and cherry blossom are stunning to say the least.
it sounds like you had a wonderful sunday.

sarah said...

kyle sure look like he is having a blast and so does daisy. lovely photos as always!! i can just hear kyle calling daisy and all the crunching going on underfoot!

Shona Leah said...

Good morning you two and thanks!
We're having the most wonderful fall weather, I think I spent most of the day in the leaves, my favorite time of the year..sigh

Dawn said...

What a fun record of his day... That one of him trying to catch Daisy is priceless!
So happy you guys are out enjoying a wonderful fall!