Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Pizza

"this dough is sticky"

She's concentrating

more flour helps to form the dough into a ball

but how could I not include her pizza toss
and she must get a closer smell
made with love
deep dish crust
tomato sauce,
and pepperoni slices for the topping
A Happy Pizza, by Maya
as yummy as it looks :o)


Tara said...

Maya I think you have perfected the pizza dough flip!

Looks yummo and I love to see kids enjoying the kitchen and cooking :)

gina said...

what delicious fun!

Kate said...

so cute! love the pizza toss. There is nothing like working with dough and making pizza. Kids LOVE it. It's wonderful to see:)

Dawn said...

Yes... the toss is great! She can come make pizza with us any time!! :)

sarah said...

yummy, i'll take one minus the pepperoni!!