Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Ballerina

MayaShe longs to dance in pointe :D After her recital..we watched big sister's class again this is she and her big sister

and this is how Kobe feels about ballet recitals

Kyle can take it no longer.. he places nickels he brought to buy a snack over his eyes

and somehow..this makes it better
My patient sons and
my little dancers
I love you XO


Stephanie said...


that's all... just that.

Tara said...

Oh Maya ~ you are such a lovely dancer!

The pics of your boys cracked me up.... I'm sure Owen would lose consciousness if I made him sit through a ballet practice...LOL

Dawn said...

So great! Love that you included the boys... Life with SISTERS!!
That drawing is adorable!
Looking forward to more pics from Ballet...

Anonymous said...

i love their facial expressions!!

sarah said...

love all of maya's ballet moments and those boys sure make me laugh. i can see beck right down there next to them.