Monday, February 15, 2010


At the Symphony Center
we appreciate the elegant building

as well as the concerts

too dark, but it cracks me up the way they posed themselves!
more beauty outside
distracted from the fountain,
Meg gives her little brother this... look
we do feel quite cozy here


Mike said...

I love the band did you get them to be still?:o)

Shona Leah said...

They're always calm and relaxed after a concert...well that and the candy bribe.

Mike said...

So that's what Maya's looking at in the first

sarah said...

Wait, I don't remember mine being that calm after the concert or during for that matter. So, sweet as always. That building is really neat. I <3 Maya's sneakers with her dress (comfort is the best way to go) :). xo to you all.

kellyi said...

I took my youngest to watch Annie when he was only two weeks old, my sister was in it, and I sat right next to the exit but he slept all the way through the whole thing.

Still, haven't been brave enough to take all four out to some thing like this...

Shona Leah said...

kellyi, they reserve the box seats for homeschooler's, so it's nice if we ever do need to step out..but my plan was to take them to the symphony young and often so they'd feel comfortable ..
sometimes tooo comfortable..
Sarah, how could I forget the "hmm we seem to be missing a couple of kids" incident when Kobe decided he would take "B" on a tour of the place aaakkk
and check out Kyle's camo boots ;)

Lee-Anne said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my photoblog! It is so lovely to see the photos of your beautiful children again. You are such an inspiration and I'm so glad to have found you again :) (I came home from holidays and you had disappeared from flickr). I look forward to stopping by more frequently now.
Take care, Lee-Anne

Anonymous said...

Awesome that you are taking them to the symphony! great photos. Yes, and total band photo in there:)