Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I began my morning with a cup of coffee, blog reading
and cuddles with a towel swaddled baby after her bath
which is sweet enough,
but I knew I had to snap a picture when she said to me...
"I'm glad my self is free,
so you can be with me"
~Maya 7 yrs

So am I sweet Maya xoxo

Art Makes Place it engages usand inspires us

Kyle is sporting his new favorite pose

while playing on a portable sculpture by Mike Calway-Fagan

On the way home from the gallery,

I turn around to make sure everyone is buckled

hmm something's different here(just to make sure Mama's paying attention!)


reclamation mama said...

I recognize that pose LOL!

Mike said...

I love the pictures and the story. Maya looks like a home – made burrito rolled up in that towel.
Kyle, this is why daddy won’t be buying you a car until you’re 21
I love you guys!!

Tara said...

Maya is one sweet girl....

You go to the best, most interesting art shows!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are some sweet words, Maya:) Looks like a wonderful day!

sarah said...

oh, maya, those words make it all worth the journey we are on in this amazing world. i <3 the b+w. xxoo my dear.