Sunday, February 28, 2010

Road Trip!

On our way to a Train Museum/Birthday party
~3hours away
I've never driven this far away alone with the kids..
you know what that means Sarah!! :D
(Tara, does this count for my smiley smile face)
After lunch and birthday cake in the dinner car,
we explored the train!and the model trains with Kobe at the controlshe also enjoyed this train whistle ...
again :o)
Now for the 3 hours back home with
3 overexcited windblown babies on the verge of a sugar crash

Art kept the peace


sarah said...

You look like you have lots of fun. I love Maya's body art. Oh, you so better get your lovely asses down here. Mike, I so promise to take really good care of them all. xxoo S

sarah said...

Showed post S and she so wants you to come to our house. She says you gotta come.

sarah said...

my spelling sooo sucks!! hehe

Shona Leah said...

Laughing my lovely ass off!! :D We're so there xoxo

Erin said...

I could use a road trip! Feeling antsy.. trapped inside by weeks of snow. Thank you for taking me with you for a moment. Your photos are always so sweet. :)

Mike said...

Maya has the Avatar look going on:)
I love the photos, particularly the first one:)

denise said...

love that last shot. too funny.

i don't like driving that far w/o husb. either 'in case' car problems or my back tanks. not to mention my boys make it 32.5 minutes before they completely freak out and want to GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW. i loved long car rides as a kid, but they hate it. ;)

that looks like an awesome place to wander.

Tara said...

Yes! That definitely counts as a marvelous mama smile :0)

Looks like a cool place to visit - the drive was worth it!

Sherry said...

LOL--the last shot got me. :)

Got to plan more road trips!

sarah said...

I'm getting the question when are they going to come? B says yes then they can meet luke :) xxoo

Dawn said...

Just getting caught up with you... Maya's body art awesome!! Always fun to see you too! Looks like good times for sure!