Saturday, February 6, 2010

Final Research Night

Our local art museum hired a research team to accompany us on 6 of our family outings over the course of a year. The goal was to gain knowledge on how families use and the value they place on interactive spaces in art museums.

Photographing Maya is our wonderful researcher,
who also quickly became our friend There were plenty of crafty supplies for us to dive into!
This is Maya's
"City of Skyscrapers"and my little man set to work on a bracelet for his MamaWe were asked to create, as a family, a piece to share with the group which represented our year in the study and we were given a cardboard box..a favorite building material of Maya's!
(as we were leaving, she asked ever so politely to take a box home with her :DWe put our heads together :o)
and reminisced over some of our favorite moments

like when we shared our time in nature and the beauty it held for us

and the cityscape's they made on one of our trips to the museum..
Megan~12 yrsMaya~7 yrsKobe~8 yrs Kyle~5 yrs how we took time to notice the amazing architecture in our city

and the puppet show represented here.. from this past summer I so enjoy watching my children express themselves creatively!
What better way to gain insight into their world.

As a thank-you for our participation,
the kids each received an art journal with supplies
and another year free membership to the art museum!
We expect the data gathered will encourage more art museums around the world to incorporate interactive spaces.
Because children, as mine showed this year, have an innate affinity for the tactile and they learn by doing!


Tara said...

What an amazing research project!

Your photos showcase the discovery and excitement museums can encourage with interactive spaces.

Well done :0)

Shona Leah said...

Thank-you Tara!
I remember feeling honored when they asked us to be a part of this research, to help further a great cause..and then it was more than being observed for research..I was being asked some really important questions about what we value as a family and although I've always instinctively known why I provide so much freedom for my children to dig into Life and get messy, it was truly beneficial for me to explain that concept and show our lifestyle of learning to others..much like we all do in our blogs :o)

Mike said...

I’m fascinated by this post. It’s another chapter in our lives that you illustrate perfectly.
I cherish your passion for narrating our children’s lives through art. I am privileged to be a part of this journey.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
-Winston Churchill

Dawn said...

Shona, This is such a beautiful post. It brought back memories of moments you have shared in the past. What a wonderful opportunity to share and learn about your own family in the process.
That is a great quote Mike!