Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinese New Year

Our library hosted a Chinese New Year Celebration!
We enjoyed yummy foods such as dumplings and egg rolls
We made red paper lanterns
by folding a piece of paper in half
and making cuts along the folded side
careful not to reach the top
Open the paper
and staple the top and bottom together
then fashion a strip for the handle
Maya's Lantern

Each child was given a customary red envelope

containing 1 Chinese Dollar or a "Yuan"

(Kyle asked if it could be used at the dollar tree store :o)and we watched an array of traditional as well as contemporary Chinese dances

the costumes were so colorful and fun!Maya checking out the theatre lighting


sarah said...

fun, i love the photo of maya. we have some lanterns hung up for the lunar new year and maybe we will have steamed dumpling for dinner. xo happy year of the tiger!!

Mike said...

Steamed dumplings are the bomb!! I think eating 12 might be a little excessive but isn’t it every dad’s job requirement to finish off whatever food the kids don’t eat?:o) It was great learning about the Chinese New Year. It was even more rewarding to see our kids learning about Chinese culture.


APA said...

Wishing you not only a wonderful and Happy Year of the Tiger, but a sweet Valentine's Day, too! You are so loved and thought of with kindness and a gentle touch.