Friday, January 22, 2010

This is how I've been feeling...
I'm here though :o)
watching my children learn and grow
They are my joy
and my heart

As for Meg,
she has this new way about her Maya's still searching for treasuresand giving them a home in her pockets
Kobe's been practicing new tricks
Tree climber Kyle,
with the wind in his hair
Now to focus on the task at hand..
it's cold at the moment and there's a long way to go

but we'll do it together


Dawn said...

Oh, Shona...
This brought some tears to my eyes! Don't know why... just seeing and reading your reflections on these precious ones growing up! Such a time to cherish!
Your photos are beautiful as always... They are going to love having these memories preserved when they are older.

Stephanie said...

Just beautiful.
(do I always say that?)

I don't know the stories behind the pictures, but I get the feeling that they're rather poignant and demonstrative of the way it Is.

Sherry said...

I love how you blog.

I hope you're still planning to come Saturday. xoxo

Tara said...

You have the most romantic quality to your pictures Shona - one cannot help but fall in love with them!

Glad all is well and you are seeing the beauty in winter!

tara said...

i'm teary, too, Shona. i've been thinking about you, wondering about you, and i'm checking in. oh this mamahood is hard, and beautiful. hello, sweetness~

tara said...

i'm back. because i'm feeling melodramatic :)

it's so nice to catch up with you.

Shona Leah said...

My Love to you sweet ladies.
Hugs and Thank-you

Sherry, I'll be there and look forward to it! xoxo

tara, oh YOU are sweetness.
so good to hear from you!

sarah said...

oh, wonderful as always. we all wish to hang out with you all so soon. xxoo!!

Anonymous said...

I was very glad to see this post! Didn't get a chance to comment before. Been thinking about you. Seems like you're feeling a lot better now? Honestly, these are SO gorgeous.