Sunday, January 10, 2010

Picasso Inspired Portraits






Anonymous said...

These are so fun:)

Tara said...

You have some fine artists on your hands - these are all so creative and imaginative and I see the Picasso influence so clearly.

Owen and I were just discussing artists and he said he thought Picasso was strange but that he liked Jackson Pollock very much... LOL :0)

Lisa said...

These are wonderful. Picasso would be proud.

Sherry said...

Love 'em! :)

Shona Leah said...

I love how they turned out, they're actually really large too at 16x20. His style made such an impression on my girls, I'm seeing more faces with 3 profiles and the such on their artwork already, really cool.
Tara, speaking of strange artists, a couple of months ago, Kobe told me, "You know, WE have a Van Gogh"
hehe it's a POSTER in his room, sweet thing :D

denise said...

i love those! they are great. :)

Dawn said...

Love all of the colors they used!
Was this part of the museum program?
The Picasso Jackson Pollock thing is hilarious Tara!

sarah said...

love the paintings!! xxoo

gina said...

Those are great!! I 'd frame them!