Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitchen Companion

Maya's working in one of her favorite books
"Play Shop", DK publishing
You'll hear her saying things like,
"Eggplant can be found in the PRODUCE section"yes,
she will one day
have every possible photographic angle of her baking
and how I do love her little helping hands at work!
"M's Cooking"..M for Mama and Maya cooking together :o)
that's the name she gave our "cooking show"
she likes to pretend we're on while in the kitchen.
She often has an accent :D and is always her future older self!
Reading directions and applying those math skills's our time to create and share together

Thank-you for being my constant companion in the kitchen Maya!

Mama looks forward to many more yummy dishes and cooking shows together xoxo


sarah said...

what a wonderfully sweet cooking companion you have there. you guys make me smile. xxoo

Dawn said...

Oh, I would love a front row seat at your show!! :) Everything looks so yummy. It is so lovely you have her there with you and that she loves it! Awesome!

P.S. Wes clicked over here the other day and told me I need to add some music to my blog! He liked you tunes!

Erin said...

Your photos combined with Coldplay's "Yellow" just made my heart smile. :)

Tara said...

I love seeing kids involved in something they love to do and Maya looks like she is enjoying herself.

Yummo stuff she's cooking up too!!!

Stephanie said...

Having a companion is awesome.

Shona Leah said...

Sarah, you make ME smile! xoxo

Dawn, Wes has fabulous taste :D

Thanks Erin, I thought it went well for my little blondie :o)

Tara, I should go back and include some of the ingredients..those cinnamon rolls were so easy for kids..Maya actually got upset b/c it didn't call for eggs, that girl loves to crack her some eggs.

Stephanie, yes, most definitley!

My hugs for you all :o)

Lisa said...

Maya is such a cutie. I would be a big fan of the show! Wish I could hear the accent.

Anonymous said...

Sweet kitchen helpers are the best:)