Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Day

Early Morning Dentist check-ups for my 4
no cavities..2 loose teeth for Kyle..
Oh the Tooth Fairy has been working overtime already! Then onto Earth Scouts where I served up some Dirt Pudding
(chocolate pudding topped with crushed oreos)
complete with writhing gummy worms
(2 above photos by Casandra :o)

We made Chia Pets
and took, in the wind and flurries,
what we called the "fastest nature walk in history"
to find leafy lichen indicating air quality
There were poems read aloud by all
this one of conflict..by Meganand each scout
made a garland of treats for the birds

Then we went to visit and snack with friends
and stayed out way past our bedtimes!
Does this mean they let me sleep in? LOL~ no


Mike said...

No cavities!!! That's great news babies. Gummy worms for everyone:) Megan, I love your poem...it's beautiful. You are all so special.

Shona Leah said...

I know! however, they do want to seal their molars..something about deep grooves..preventative hooha.
and you know all about their sweet tooth inherited by Mama :o)

Tara said...

A good visit at the dentist's office warms this mama's heart. Owen has had some challenges with his teeth but we're doing much better now.

I really want to try the dirt pudding with gummy worms - sounds fun!

Shona Leah said...

Tara! Good morning, I was just visiting your stream! So the dirt pudding..I told the kids I brought a house plant from home and thought it would be fun to further experience soil by eating it..the look on their faces was too funny as I dug into that plant..but they caught on pretty quick when they saw the gummy worms :D

gina said...

My older two's are sealed. It's a god send! My second and youngest have never had a cavity and I'd love to keep it that way. Earthscouts looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Total fun times her:) Love all the smiles! and, yes, good news at the dentist's -- always a good thing. I've got that sweet tooth too!

Dawn said...

What a great day! Sleep in? What's that? :)
Happy the report from the Dentist was a good one...
Earth Scouts looks very cool... It would have been fun to see their faces when you pulled out the dirt pudding...too funny!