Friday, October 30, 2009

Spooky Fantasy Trees

Needed: watercolor paper
watercolor paint
drinking straw

Above Art by: Kobe
Use a sponge to paint your chosen background color
and let dry
(we taped the edges to a newspaperto keep flat)
using your eye-dropper,
drip watercolor along the bottom of your paper
While the paint is still wet,
watch your trees grow and branch out
by blowing through your drinking straw

Art by:Meg

Art by:Maya

We saw this art project in
My Nature Craft Book, by Cheryl Owen


Tara said...

The effect is really cool!

This sounds like the perfect project for our afternoon ;)

Stephanie said...

We did these the other day, too... but not with water colour.
I think I'll give that a try.
We used black tempera, watered down, on purple paper, but the paint faded to an eerie smokey green.
I couldn't decide if they were okay, or not.
Guess we'll try again. :)

Shona Leah said...

the straw we used made the loudest whistle! which of course they loved :D
we'd love to see your spooky trees too!

APA said...

These are beautiful, Shona, and I see your little naturalists are artists in their own right, as is their wonderful mother.

Happy day. Peace out! XO

Sherry said...

These are nice! We'll have to give this technique a try. :)

sarah said...

i love these. we have some we did a few years ago that i still hang around halloween. xo

Dawn said...

We are going to try this... looks like great fun!