Monday, October 19, 2009


What could have exhausted my little babes this much?! While on a nature walk, we were pleasantly surprised to sight a couple of peacocks!
Maya's peacock eye

Pattern with flare

Kyle's peacock feather, wispy like his hair..

This is as close as the peacock duo would let us get! Then they would fly to the treetops and leave behind their gorgeous tail feathers for us to find..


Kate said...

so glad to see these beautiful peacock photos again! a

Kim Hosey said...

Gorgeous shots (and that first one is priceless). It looks like it was a lovely walk. My son loves peacocks too.

Shona Leah said...

Thanks ladies! I'll be posting new photos soon :D I just really wanted to get some of my favorite one's on the blog. This was definitley a lovely walk, I'll never forget their little faces when we spotted those surprise peacocks!