Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Carving & Building for my Tactile Learners

We enjoy projects that engage all of our senses and we learn best by doing

Pumpkins full of stringy pulp and slimy seeds!
The meat was carved out for a pie,

the seeds were left on the porch

and we watched as the birds that live in our trees feasted!

We used tools to saw through the tough pumpkin skin
and imagination to carve a design

Kyle observes as his daddy carves,
which appeals to the visual learner in him.
Notice Kyle's expression..
it's his concentration face :D

More hands on experience..he's building hand-eye coordination

a sense of's a frankenstein box!

Learning by doing facilitates discussion which enhances their understanding

and builds self-confidence!


APA said...

Oh, Shona. These pictures made me happy. How wonderful these activities shared and absorbed through the body and mind. You did capture some beautiful expressions! Awesome! And how fun to read and watch listening to your selected playlist. It's perfect.


Tara said...

lovely post ~ I like seeing all the different ways your kiddos learn.

Shona Leah said...

Thank-you both! I love watching them learn and then to be able to capture that process in photos is even more of a joy for me.

Ana, that new "Fireflies" song makes me smile, it reminds me of my little nature loving children:D I'm glad you like the playlist and you know how I love hearing from you. XO