Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creek Kids

I've been away from the internet, including my inbox for a while, also a double kidney infection and 2 kidney stones (one 5mm!) gave me a night in the ER and a week in the hospital. An interesting experience for everyone to take care of this mama for a change. I'm feeling much better, thank-you for all of your e-mails, they mean so much to me.
I'll be attempting to catch up on my online community as well as on some posts I would like to share with you.

This is from a wonderful day of exploring at our favorite creek this summer.
Maya found a freshwater clam.

Kyle found a swirly leaf, to which I said matched his belly button
He also found a vibrant red leaf for me while exploring the creek bed, he said "here mama", didn't have time to even turn around, this was my view :o)

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, but Maya has a very strong sense of smell. From since I can remember, she's always had a need to sniff out our treasures. Which is also handy for her when I'm sneaking gum from my purse, it never stays a secret long!

Kobe was interested in this fuzzy texured tree limb...

We were also accompanied by a researcher from our local art museum. She looked to be having as much fun as we were and said it was one of the best working Mondays she's had in a long time. Here is Kobe showing them the moss he found..

Maya came across a slug on our path, here she is sketching it in her nature journal while the researcher takes pictures.

Our day's are growing colder, but you will be sure to see more posts from this creek even into the snowiest of weather!


Kate said...

Oh, Shona! I'm sorry to hear about the infection and your hospital stay. I am so glad you are feeling better now!

Beautiful photos! I love the Maya's eyes as she sniffs:)

Stephanie said...

Oh, Goodness! So sorry about the pains and troubles and hospital! I had one of those little stones... bought done me in it hurt so bad.

Is that a walnut? I love the smell of those this time of year. So sweet.

Glad to see you back!

Shona Leah said...

Thank-you both, I'm feeling a lot better, though my back is still really sore..really really sore :o)

Yes, that's a black walnut Maya's sniffing, they do smell great. I keep meaning to gather enough for a pie, I just need a good tool to crack them, they're so hard to get into!

Lisa said...

So glad to see you Shona and so sorry about the pain you've been having! I'm so glad you are now on the mends.

The photos are amazing.


Dawn said...

Happy to see you back... and happy you are on the mend!
My aunt uses black walnut in her soap... and as a dye... They are a project to get into!
Wonderful photos as usual!
Take it easy...

Shona Leah said...

Thank-you sweet ladies :o) I'm taking it easy, however now that I'm limiting my postings to only my's amazing how much I've accomplished this week! Made Maya & Meg's halloween costumes and some comfy Star Wars jammie pants for Kobe.
Dawn, I will have to look into all of the great project for black walnuts.

Kate said...

Oh, cool! do post pics of the costumes:)

Kim Hosey said...

I hope you continue to feel better!

And these photos are indeed wonderful.

APA said...

Shona! I was so happy to hear from you recently. I had no idea about the infection and kidney stones. Goodness. Good to know you're on the mend and being taken care of for a change is also a sweet aside. I'm delighted to see your pics again and "hear" your voice. I'll be checking in now, bookmarking your beautiful space for keepers.

Happy days!