Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today in Nature

Mayflies were skimming the pondand so was Maya for tadpoles and toad eggs
I like them I like them a lot
and yes a toad, as ifKyle's ready for a hike! and to help a baby snapping turtleback to his watery homeKobe's holding fossils
flowers are bloomingI'm playing with my cubs It's a good day :o)


Tara said...

What an enchanting day...

The wee little snapping turtle is so sweet :0)

Mike said...

I love all these, especially the last one. The toad eggs are really cool and slimy looking :)
Maya and her frogs, she is toad-ally adorable!

sarah said...

oh, the portrait of you all together is so wonderful and dreamy. <3 and hugs

Stephanie said...

Dreamy is just the right word.

Fossils and eggs and frogs would be on our "Perfect" list. (No turtles around here.)

Salutations to the first days of summer!