Friday, April 16, 2010

Let us see...

My allergies are in full swing but Spring is so worth it!The park is buzzing and my little one's think they OWN this swing
Kobe's learning to play his guitarand working on an original song

Meg's been dancing
(her spring ballet is this weekend!)
Maya's been acting

Here she is "walking through a field of bees"
She see's meeee!
Acting class will resume in the fall
but yeah.. for Maya
All the world's a stage..
We explored Ancient Greece at the art gallery for the
"Heroes" Exhibit

Kobe being interviewed
Kyle's been on an Elvis kick :o)
he's already decided that's what he wants to be for Halloween
And he's been so interested in drawing,
he brought his artwork to homeschool show and tell day
and told everyone his inspiration is...
his big sister

And I take time for my homeschool mama friends
you are some fun ladies! xo


Tara said...

You've got a talented, creative tribe of kiddos there!

Yay for homeschool mamas :0)

Stephanie said...

Looks wonderful to me.
Your first picture is sending me into the gardens so that I can touch things and listen to the early-evening chirping. Thanks for that.

Erin said...

You have such a beautifully creative family. :) And my allergies are going crazy as well, but I am loving the warm weather!

Shona Leah said...

homeschool mama's know how to have all the fun

Mike said...

The shot of Kyle and Maya on the park swing is priceless!! LOL!! The face Kyle is making is a trip. He looks like he might turn into the Incredible Hulk. :)

Shona Leah said...

You can probably guess what song they were
singing "boomchickawaaawaaa, that's what my baby said.."
And they were encouraging passerby's to shake their bootays as well..