Monday, May 3, 2010

It Rained...and rained

It was a dark and stormy day,
the banks, formerly known as our backyard
swirled in a muddy mass and beckoned us to set sail...There was a hint of sadness as we made these,
knowing that at that moment rescue boats
covered areas of our community that we
love and travel frequently
While our city is under 50ft of water I'm thankful the rain only brought my family extra large puddles
onto which we set sail our origami canoesthis canoe has a motor apparentlyThen they wanted a faster pace another tryit escapes the rocks!Kyle setting to sail his wooden boat

After all of our paper canoes capsized and tore apart
The boys decided to race leaf boats We also inspected a damp log teeming with life,
there we found fungi, a tiny spider hanging from it's web
a snail, pillbugs, ants, a centipede
wonderful decomposers in our backyard! and Kobe found a firefly
as Kyle broke out his
"I need an icee" face Maya splashed in puddles
Our thoughts are with those affected by this flooding


sarah said...

Love the canoes. Maya is a girl after my own heart getting in the puddles and the mud. It's so fun to have mud between your toes. xx s

Anonymous said...

beautiful series, Shona. I love the" I need the icee face." He's so cute. Everything is so green!

Stephanie said...

Oh, Shona.
So, so beautiful.
Is it any wonder that this is one of my very favorite places?

MamaShift said...

Beautiful! Very cheeky those kids!

Go read my post 'cause I'm needing some props.

Tara said...

Rainy days can be a recipe for fun!

Beautiful photos Shona :0)

denise said...

My sister lives down there now too, and is 1 block away from closed roads/homes underwater. Crazy! We had that in WI a few years back--so much destruction.

Glad you are high and dry (ish).

Lovely pics, of course, too.

mikehedge said...

so fun!

mandy said...