Thursday, December 3, 2009

She Dances

Her 1st year as a soldiernext as a party girlthen as a little teaand now a baker prepares to dance
it's good to smile at yourself :o)

and make sure your scarf is tied
while Mama takes her 100th photogetting into character
The Baker dance is upbeat and always makes the crowd laugh!
My little baker girl
has 4 more shows to go!


APA said...

Oh, Shona! You've captured your beautiful daughter's passion and personality, dedication and playfulness in each and every portrait. I can imagine your heart bursting with pride!

Sweet wishes for joy and wonder throughout the next four performances.

Love and sunshine...Ana

Mike said...

I am extremely proud of the commitment and dedication that you've put into dance this year. It is such a treat to watch you teach your sister (and brothers:) new dance moves and to see you practicing your routine around the house with a look of excitement on your face. My little girl has transformed into a beautiful young lady who happens to be a very talented dancer. I can't wait to see you perform on that stage tomorrow.
I love you sweet girl.
Good Luck!!

Tara said...

Meg - you're a natural! Your costumes are all so wonderful and your expressions match how happy you must feel to be performing.

These portraits are just lovely Shona!

sarah said...

oh, i loved being there to see megan dance it was wonderful. i love how you posted a picture of her from each year she has performed, then i could show them to sophia because she was asking about what else she played. it was really amazing to see how excited kobe was about his sister dancing and the excitement from b too!! sophia now wishes to take ballet next year. inspiration is wonderful, thanks megan and your whole family!!

xxoo sarah

Dawn said...

This is such a wonderful walk thru time and taste of the excitment of the night!

Lisa said...

How proud you must be! Meg is such a lovely baker, even with the moustache!

Anonymous said...

such stunning photos!!!
what kind of lens did you use?
you are such a hard working mamma,
all of those practices and fittings.
you go girl!!!!

Shona Leah said...

Awww thank-you so much sherry! I used the 50mm f1/8, I'm a little bit addicted to the results I get with that lens.