Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas Day

was a day of sharing time with my Family.. my girls
in case Kobe forgot how to smile for a picture..
hello handsome
Kylie eating his share of sweets!

Cousins playing puppies Jessica, look at our girls, were we ever this small?!

my little sister, I love you

there was chatting in the kitchen
and a sleepy uncle
Meg and Aunt JoJo

my cousins..we took turns curling Ashley's hair

(for her date that night, and I can't wait to hear about it :o)some of the lovely ladies in my family..I love you all!HUGS!
It's time to leave..
but we'll enjoy Christmas night at my sister-in-laws

where I sneak a picture of Kobe

before he pulls his cap over his head :D

his mama and nephew

laughter ends a FULL day,
I hope you had lots of hugs this Christmas!


gina said...


We had a fun night, morning and another night filled with friends and family- the best gifts of all!!

Shona Leah said...

Thank-you Gina and I hear you, this was probably the smallest Christmas we've ever had as far as toys under the tree go..but not a one of my children noticed. I think the love and laughter we shared gathering with everyone outshined as the best gifts of all. I'm glad to hear your day was just as lovely!

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous pictures!
Really - fabulous shots, Shona.

It sure looks like a day full of happiness... I'm so glad!

Trish said...

AWWW... I love all the pictures. I bought Carter that same hoodie tonight that Kyle is wearing. Love the airplanes on it.. Love you!!!

P.S. Can you email me a few of the pictures?

Tara said...

Your photos are just amazing ~ everyone is so happy and full of Christmas spirit!

Happy New Year to you :)

Kate said...

I'm catching up with your blog and, wow, your posts are just filled to the brim with beauty! It's a pleasure coming here:) Happy Holidays to you guys!!

sarah said...

oh, what sweetness. xxoo to you all!!

sandra said...

came by to check to see if you uploaded the holiday pics! And look you are good!
by the way this is cousin Ashley...using aunts account name lol it was signed in

Anonymous said...

your photographs are lovely!
everyone looks sooo happy.
merry belated christmas!