Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Brings a New View

Today in Nature..

how has our favorite creek changed with colder temperaturesthe girls sketch a squirrel we saw in the tree
later we observed and listened
as a grey squirrel ate a black walnut Kobe notices the water is full and fast flowing
and tries to convince his mama that a creek crossing is in order
Kyle makes a bark rubbing,
inspects the protective outer bark
shedding to reveal the inner bark
and wonders what these leaf markings mean
His skateboard carries our books
and his pant leg picks up
a Sycamore seed Winter brings a new view into focus, I wonder, would he notice bark if the trees were covered in leaves and there were little creatures crawling in his path?It was a chilly walk, but so worth it,
Thanks for hanging out with us!


Stephanie said...

Beautiful, beautiful. :)

Tara said...

Still so much to see and explore despite the relative quiet of winter.... beautifully captured Shona.

APA said...

Sweet Shona...amazing photographs, in color and black and white. You know I so love your work.

And I so love your beautiful person.

I wish you, these amazing babes, and your entire family a wonderful and safe new year's eve and 2010 of moments, big and small, full and alive.

Love and hugs, kisses and dreams...Ana

Sherry said...

Nice! :)

I'm having a mama gathering at my house (in Gallatin) to view/discuss the All-Day Charlotte Mason Seminar on DVD on Sat., Jan. 30, 1-6pm. Let me know if you'd like to join us!

You can read about the DVD's here:

Kate said...

I always love hanging out with you guys:) maybe someday IRL! Beautiful images and observations.

Shona Leah said...

Sherry, that sounds great! E-mail me directions :o)

Kate, one of my very first online friends, you are so dear to me! Our IRL paths will cross one day, I just know it! XO

And now I'm going to try not to tear up :D my little blog, started only a year ago, led me to such amazing ladies and wonderful friends! So here are my New Years Eve HUGS to each of you, know how much you mean to me and I look forward to another year of sharing together.
With Love, Shona

Anonymous said...

looks cold but fun!!
they are growing up too fast.
happy new year!
did you get a photo of mr blue moon??