Tuesday, October 26, 2010


with my 4 little one's
always an adventure :P softness found honey locustwake up mama!!
and sister
good morning campand harvestmanwe found a familiar stream to explore a beetle occupied leafand a stream drenched one
nature reflections
Kyle's pod canoe
and his tree with a viewto really experience a stream,
you must feel the stream!
I watch the way leaves fall, float into a new path
as I have
while other things remain as my heartand my love for these children


Dawn said...

Beautiful Shona... Loving the campfire shot.

Tara said...

Such beauty and love here...

The pod canoe is pretty awesome :0)

Sherry said...

Beautiful, Shona--as always.
I hope you don't mind, I pinned one on pinterest: http://re.pn/b/3xA6