Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Thanks


Sherry said...

Happy New Year, Shona!

Have I mentioned I like to stop by sometime even when you haven't posted recently just to listen to your playlist? ;)

We need to make a point to meet in 2011! I put blogrolls on my blog today. You're the only one on my locals list that I haven't met!

Shona Leah said...

Happy New Year Sherry!

Awww you do? :o) I have so many songs I've been meaning to add and just have been away from blogland for a lots of photo soon to come!!

Sounds like a plan :o)
e-mail meeee

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Shona! Missing you & wondering what you're up to these days (wave)

Shona Leah said...

hey there! i do seem to have gone MIA huh :D thank you for checking on me, i shall make time to post, i shall i shall *happy smiley waves for you

Dutson Fam said...

Love this blog too! :) Beautiful family!!!!!

Shona Leah said...

Thank you so very much :o)