Thursday, August 19, 2010




Tara said...

Hello to you....

Watchya' been up to ?

Shona Leah said...

:o)Hi Tara!
Ballet and Birthdays and Guitar and acting class for Maya, Signing up and adding to my calendar all of the fun things offered this fall around town, addicted to my bread machine and my dishwasher is broken..6 people, i cook everyday sometimes 3xs a day..aaakk thats been taking a lot of time to wash those dishes! I need to learn to wash them as I go i suppose. I'm also rearranging/painting organizing my home..i'm so excited, I finally put a desk in my laundry room for my sewing machine and it's nice and cozy in here..been sewing some this nature bag for Maya, thank goodness for a seam ripper :D I forgot to sew on the butterfly apllique i made before i stitched it together! So I begin again lol
ok well you asked :D