Sunday, July 4, 2010

From Online Friends...

to in person friends
we share passion for photography and unschoolingShe found urban decay and a dragonfly found herMaya was impressed :DOur daughter's found a fossiland cuts on their toes *ouch*
but it seems friends make even booboo's bearable
they laughed as they hobbled the trail together Now you can see how I get my shots :D2 above photo of me taken by Sarah
Shish Kabobs for dinner
then we pitched our backyard camp smores and gathering around a fire We woke early to gather Black Berry goodness I needed to make sure they were yummy2 above photos of me taken by Sarah
Our children explore the orchard together
Kyle was excited to find so many peach pits
Maya inspected a grasshopper
with her berry stained fingers
We made the yummiest blackberry cobbler!!
I'll post the recipe here soon
I topped it with fresh handwhipped cream
and a couple of mint leaves from my garden
it's what's for breakfast ;o)
There were water balloons toothe sweet laughter of 6 kidsand 2 friends :o)

whose photography makes the miles fade away

See you guys again soon!! xoxo


Tara said...

What fun you all had! It is such a treasure to find a friend that "gets" you :0)

Chris said...

Great music and beautiful pictures to go with a wonderful account of kids living splendidly in the moment.

sarah said...

My sweet and beautiful friend, it is really wonderful to see this post with a mix of photos taken by you and me with my camera and yours. I so enjoy our visits. Thanks to you all for making us feel so welcome and thanx to Mike for helpin me set up the tent. xxoo

Vanessa said...

what a beautiful time you all had together. pure unadulterated fun, i'd say :)