Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We'll find our Way

Kyle makes sure we know where we're going with his compassMy little adventurer

Kobe spotted a freshwater clam

Kyle making ripples
Meg found this Robin's egg
and this rock heart <3
Kyle is sketching the leaves he found with galls


Tara said...

I read through some of your recent posts and I can sympathize with your kidney stones _ Ouch! I had surgery for 5 stones last year and I also had one 5mm!! The doctor told me to lay off the calcium rich foods for what it is worth. I seem to get them every ten yrs. or so.

Great nature finds here ~ I especially love the robin's egg and the heart stone. That is one cool compass too :)

Shona Leah said...

Thanks Tara :o) wow 5 stones! ouch! I still have my 5mm stone, it found it's way back into my kidney! yikes. I'm not sure what constitues my stones, could very well be calcium..I do know when I began my jogging this year, I didn't drink enough water.

I love the <3 rock too, Meg seems to have an eye for them, has quite a collection after finding this one. She'll place them over her heart and I'll take a photo.