Monday, April 4, 2011


let us play catch up shall we :o)cold weather isn't keeping us from our favorite trailsor our stomping grounds as we wrapped up our study of fish and earned this cute patch
the art museum continues to bring us together
and teach us
as does the symphony


as also do friends
almond cookies for chinese new year

and Valentine Day Cookies too...

chocolate heart shaped cookies

filled with buttercream frosting

rolled in crushed peppermints

and a spiffy banner made by mamahow lucky are these 4 children

to be so close to their GREAT-grandparents!Maya is still my nature nurturermeet spunky and hopscotch

she feeds them a steady diet of worms and snailsKobe is still taking guitar lessons

he'll have his 1st concert this friday!

along with his new look...soon to be postedMeg is still dancing her heart outshe was a mouse in the nutcracker this yearMaya learned to blanket stitchand we shared sweet conversation

while stitching this little owl togetherour yard has never seen so much snowmy handsome sonturned 10 this year!we had plenty of indoor projects

while we lived in our jammies!this cold winter was especially tough for me though those eyes of hers never failed to warm me I've been on a quest to bake bread everydaywith the help of this cute little kneaderon a new years eveand a new years dessert togetherour Solstice was full of new goalsand holiday traditionour morning spent with new toysunder our tree of homemade gingerbread starsand angelswhere the night before these cookies were placed

(and eaten) gingerbread did fill our home this yearas well as the love of friendshipsrehearsals became our everyday there for a while!although time with friends stayed top on my list

hi sara! xomy new hobby, to repurpose wool sweatersand then i just couldn't stop :o)i stocked up on marshmallows

for hot cocoaand honey for snow on cold wintry daysonly recently littered with leavesand a playful daddy with his boys

sharing the joy of this season

now I'm buying jellybeans and eyelet pillowcases for spring!