Tuesday, February 5, 2013

remember us :o)


 still learning
:poison ivy
still smiling


looking in                                                                              looking up
and loving eachother everyday

now let winter thaw
i'm ready for spring!


Monday, October 3, 2011

scream creek time!

maya's 9th birthday

so i hear maya calling people inviting them to her costume party...i ask, aaaand when is your costume party? she say's on her birthday silly mama!! um ok that's in 3 days. oh and she's going to be a puppy :o)

great papa & granny decided to be puppies too

checking out her puppyface

when there's no time to pipe, throw on some candy

to match my little puppy girl

her feathered friends

how these girls love eachother!

puppy maya & peacock cora

you can tell who has her heart,

she calls her great papa every morning to check on him

she seemed to really understand what cancer could do to someone

and how a simple good morning, i love you phone call could do too owlet wyatt in his mama made wings

gretchen also made maya a pair of wings to match,

she swooping around in the yard right now as a matter of fact!

you are so loveable

our full house

could you be any cuter

my little party planner

happy birthday sweet girl

we love you